Borisch Half Gallon Water
Borisch Half Gallon Water
Borisch Half Gallon Water
Borisch Half Gallon Water
Borisch Half Gallon Water
Borisch Half Gallon Water

Borisch Half Gallon Water

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 Our 64 oz water jug with straw is designed with high quality 5mm Neoprene sleeve to protect the water bottle from slight bumps, but keep water cold longer & absorb messy sweat to avoid dripping on the table or seat. 2 pockets on the sport water jug sleeve can be storage phone, card, airpods, key etc. Easy to carry to gym, sport. You’ll release your hand with comfortable padded shoulder strap & adjust from 25" to 50" to ensure a snug fit.


 key features 

  1. Food Grade Tritan Plastic: Constructed with BPA-free and odor-free Tritan plastic, ensuring safety and purity of the water.

  2. Leak-Proof Design: Equipped with a silicone O-ring to prevent any leakage, providing a 100% leak-proof guarantee.

  3. Easy to Open: Features a user-friendly opening mechanism for convenience.

  4. Wide Mouth: Allows for easy filling with ice and simplifies the cleaning process.

  5. Pop-up Straw: Enables effortless drinking without the need to tilt the bottle.

  6. Dual Drinking Options: Offers spill-proof sipping and a fast water flow option for versatility in drinking preferences.

  7. Sturdy Handle: Provides a reliable grip for easy transportation during outdoor activities.

  8. Neoprene Sleeve: Comes with a protective, sweat-proof neoprene sleeve that features various patterns and functional pockets for phones, earbuds, cards, and keys.

  9. Holds 64 OZ: Adequate capacity to hold a 64 oz water jug, ensuring sufficient hydration.

  10. Protective Sleeve: Guards the water jug against falls and provides additional insulation.

  11. Adjustable Shoulder Strap: The strap can be adjusted for a comfortable and secure fit.

  12. Versatile Carrying Options: Designed for multiple carrying options, including hand-held and on the shoulders, for convenience and ease of transport.

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